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"Viser developed our first business plan and helped us find the financing needed to start our company."
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Our Projections have served many companies in many industries.
Architectural Firms
Software Development
Pharmaceutical Firm
Accounting & Consulting
Programming & Development
Night Clubs
Fitness Centers
and Much More!

Meet Our Team

Viser Busines Tools has the expertise to help you reach your business goals. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss how we can be of service to you and your company.

Anthony C. Gruber, CPA Tony Gruber is a CPA. He also held a CVA license for 4 years.
He is the founder and president of Viser Business Tools.
Tony serves the small business community in the following ways: business planning, project management, board membership, financial & cash projections, tax planning, and compensation analysis and design. He has helped with a number of successful startups and re-organizations, including one IPO and several private placements.

Mr. Gruber was the President of Gruber and Company, Inc. for 20 years - a CPA firm that served privately owned companies. He also founded,, and In addition; Mr. Gruber served as a consultant, CFO, or Controller with successful companies like, Shremshock Companies, EyeScience Labs, Benchmark, Port Columbus (Skybus kiosk audit) and many more.

Roger Edwards became a Board member in spring of 2010. Roger provides expert council in sales and marketing matters. He is an expert salesman, sales trainer, and sales manager. He has managed many successful sales teams companies including The Ohio Better Business Bureau, International Profits Associates, and Integrated Business Analysis.
  • Roger has personally exceeded 1mm in sales every year for the last 8 years.
  • His sales teams have consistently exceeded 35mm per year for the last 5 years.
  • He has been in over 10,000 businesses all over North America in his sales career.
        These businesses have ranged in size from $250 thousand to $1 billion in sales.
  • Roger's input on the board and his experience with direct sales has been invaluable to the company.

    We wish you every success as you work to achieve your business goals!

    "Never give up! Never give up! Never, ever give up!"
    Winston Churchill

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    Watch a demo using 
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