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Setting up a New Business Entity?

Start your own company by using one of the kits listed along the right column of this page!
Prices range from only $37.95 to $44.95!

These kits were developed by one of the most prominant names in the small business community:
Steven L. Nelson, CPA, MBA, MS(tax), Author of QuickBooks for Dummies & Quicken for Dummies.

Need Help Deciding Which Entity is Best for Your Situation?

There are kits listed along the left column by State: Find the state where you are going to organize your business, then click on the entity that you need. The kits are quick, affordable, and they make the process very understandible.
These kits were developed by two of the top professionals in the small business community: We chose to (endorse these kits rather than create our own) because they are comprehensive and affordable.
It would take hundreds of hours to recreate the work done by Mr. Nelson and Mr. Baranowski; and at the end of the day, our product wouldn't be better or more affordable than theirs. So rather than 're-create the wheel', we decided to partner with them and make these products avaiable thru our site.

These business kits cost between $38 and $45, which is very reasonable. These kits are easily worth 5 times this price!

If you need help setting up a business entity in the state of Ohio, you have 2 very affordable options:
  • We would be happy to file your paperwork for a fee of $250.00, not including State filing fees.
  • You can use one of the kits to help you file the paperwork yourself. The kits give you all the guidance you need to create an entity for your business.

    If you would like help deciding which entity would be best for your situation, we provide a few options for your convenience: