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Our Projections have served many companies in many industries.
Architectural Firms
Software Development
Pharmaceutical Firm
Accounting & Consulting
Programming & Development
Night Clubs
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and Much More!

Business Tools!

Accounting & Admin. Tools:
Big Picture (What's a Debit?)
Expense Report
Financial Ratios & Instructions

Budgeting, Planning & Projection Tools:
Budgeting Tools
Business Plan Narratives
Personal Financial Statement
Project Checklists: For tasks requiring Projection Tools
Projections & Cash Modeling
Source & Use of Funds Stmt

Investment Tools:
Tax Tools:
1099 Preparation Spreadsheet
Calculation of Days Out
Employee Benefit Plan Limits
Entity Planning Guide
Entity Set-up Guides
Sales Tax Calculator
Standard Mileage Rates

401k (& 403b) Tools:
401k Loan Calculator & Schedule
401k Loan Limit Calculator
EBAR Calculation
HCE Limit Calculation
Interim Testing for 401ks (& 403b)
Roth v. Traditional Retirement Plan Comparison Tool

Miscellaneous Tools (Just for 'fun'!)
Body-fat Percentage Calculator
Musical Chord Transposition Tool
Musical Note Transposition Wheel

Most of these tools are available online free of charge! We hope you find them useful!


Business Loan Package Checklist
We provide a detailed list of things you need in order to get a business loan. We also provide tools to help you put the package together, including a free template to help you write your own business plan! We also offer financial modeling software to help you create your own Financial Projections. You won't find more sophisticated and user-friendly tools anywhere!

A Detailed Business Plan Narrative
Write your own business plan using the same template we use in-house!
provides two business plan narratives: A concise template suitable for small bank loans; and a detailed narrative with a proven track record when used for private placements, large bank loans, and a help business owners organize their operations and plans.

The smaller plan is currently offered online at no charge, and the detailed business plan is available for a small fee. Both plans are designed to integrate with any of the Financial Modeling tools offered on Projected Financial You can use another set of projected financial statements, but our software will save you a great deal of time and expense! You won't find a better Financial Modeling tool anywhere else!

Every new business should go thru the steps of preparing a detailed business plan. You will learn things about your business, your industry and yourself that you would never have learned otherwise. Preparing the detailed plan will help you eliminate many variables to failure, which improves your chances of success! This is why Banks and Venture Capitalists ask for them.

Expense Report
Enter (expenses and mileage, advances, etc.) in the highlighted fields, and this report provides you with the net amount due to the employee, the total business expense, and the journal entry needed to account for the transaction!
  • The expense report calculates total mileage based on the odometer readings, or you can enter total mileage in the over-ride field.
  • Mileage cost is calculated automatically!
  • The report includes instructions to help with internal control procedures.
  • A proposed Journal Entry is drafted automatically to help account for total expenses,
    credit card receipts, and employee advances
    Use the expense report free online or download it as a single user license for a very low fee!

    List of Financial Ratios Often Used in Financial Analysis
    We show you many of the ratios used to analyze a company's financial condition - along with an explanation of why each ratio is considered to be important.

    Loan Amortization Schedule
    This schedule also helps you objectively analyze the value of a refinance loan by showing you the following:
  • How long it will take to pay the balance off - based on payment terms.
  • When the new loan principal will be paid down to a certain amount.
    This information is all displayed on the first page of the schedule - for your convenience! You can adjust the schedule size to whatever you like - up to 30 years (360 months).

    Loan Amort. Sch. with a Loan Payment Calculator
    This schedule has all the functionality of the Loan Amortization Schedule, but it also calculates your monthly payment based on the loan amount, interest rate, term, and down-payment. This schedule is great for any loan analysis!
  • Home or car purchase
  • 401k loan
  • The schedule size adjusts automatically based on the loan terms.

    Personal Financial Statement
    If you're going after a loan, you'll need one of these. This is easy to fill out, and it's very presentable!
    When you purchase a single user license, you also get instructions and ideas for appraising a small business using standard 'Rule of Thumb' methods.

    Sample Chart of Accounts
    This is a basic format that works for most small businesses and most industries. There are also a few FAQs and some guidance on how to design a bullet-proof Chart of Accounts for your company!
    There will be some accounts that don't apply to your business. Those accounts should be ignored.


    Calculation of Days Out
    For Cities in Ohio:
    Fill out this form if the following criteria are met:
  • Your company's city tax rate is higher than your residence' city rate.
  • You spent a number of days working outside the city where your company is located.

    Entity Planning Tool
    This tool helps you estimate the tax ramifications of each entity by looking at total Projected Income. The Business owner's income and the company's income is combined to provide a better picture of each entity's total tax cost to the owner.
    Don't pay more taxes than you have to!

    Help Setting up a Business Entity
    We have some very affordable Entity Setup Kits. These are tools that were created by top professionals in the Small Business community!
    Also: If you need help setting up a Business Entity in the state of Ohio, we would be happy to assist you personally. Our company headquarters are located in Central Ohio.

    Sales Tax Calculator
    This tool calculates sales taxes in two different ways, to accommodate two different scenarios:
    • Sales tax calculated at the time of sale: One calculation tells you exactly how much sales tax to collect.
    • Sales tax calculated after the sale: The 2nd option takes the total received and separates it into sales and sales tax collected.
      IE: If you’re at a trade-show and you’re collecting a flat $20 for each item sold, you can use this tool to figure out exactly how much of the $20 was for the item, and how much was for sales tax.
        Hint: A Simple formula would overstate sales tax and understate the sale. You need algebra to accurately solve the problem.

    Standard Mileage Rates
    This Table lists the Standard Mileage Rates allowed by the IRS since 1997.


    EBAR Calculation - Annual Method:
    Not for the faint of heart. Use this if you have a plan that allows EBAR calculations; or plug in your data to see if your plan would benefit from an EBAR option. A TPA should be consulted if you are going to use an EBAR, cross-testing, and other complicated options to maximize contributions to HCEs.
    IE: This tool is designed for TPAs.

    Calculate your HCE Limits
    If you know your Non-HCE Percentages, use this tool to make (or verify) your HCE limit calculation. Don't know what an HCE is? Take a look at's Courses & Tables page.

    Interim Testing Tool for 401k Plans & 403b Plans at
    Test your plan as often as you want for a low annual fee! is a web service that makes testing easy, fast, and affordable!
    • Securely upload your payroll data to
    • Go to "Edit Company" and answer 2 questions about time limits & age limits for plan participation.
    • Click “Current Year Test” and get your results almost instantly! You can also test using the Prior Year Method. You just need to upload prior-year payroll information also.
    The database will securely store almost 10 years of Payroll data. IE: You can run the ADP/ACP tests for almost any year you want! is the most affordable interim testing solution on the web. No one else even comes close!

    Comparative Analysis of ROTH v. TRADITIONAL RETIREMENT PLANS
    Find out which investment choice is better based on your unique circumstances: How long till retirement, what you think your tax rate will be when you're old and grey, etc.
    This is a great tool!