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"Viser developed our first business plan and helped us find the financing needed to start our company."
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Our Projections have served many companies in many industries.
Architectural Firms
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Development History of our Projection Software

This is a Time-Tested Tool!

The original product was developed in the late 80s using a spreadsheet program called Lotus123. It was converted to Excel in the early 90s. The template was revamped in 1994 by a team of 3 professionals: A CPA, a Ph.D in math, and a semi-retired software developer. The accountant developed the tool with input from the other two.

The First Prototype:

We theorized that each component of (income, expense, and cash flow) could be expressed as a predictive algorithm. If the formulas are sound, then financial activity would become predictable and scalable with reasonable accuracy.
Our goal was to create a forecasting tool that was interactive, predictive and professional looking:
Interactive so we could make changes quickly without re-doing formulas or reconfiguring the spreadsheet.
Predictive so it would be useful as a budgeting tool and an accurate predictor of cash flows and financial activity.
Professional looking so we could proudly present it to investors and bankers.

Our efforts were very successful! The tool was originally used by a multi-million dollar software company. Their internally generated projections were used to expand their line of credit by over 1,000%, to value the business for a possible IPO, and to streamline the internal budgeting process.

Our First Major Project:

About four years later, we were hired to prepare projections for a Business Valuation. We had been using it for budgets, projections and management reports up to that time with a great deal of success. The company was extremely happy with the results and the valuation was much higher than they expected!

Since then, the software has been used for several IPOs, more than a dozen private placements, and dozens of bank financing proposals. Our firm had a track record of 100% success with these projections! IE: If we liked your business model, prepared the business plan for you, and took your plan to the bank; we were never turned down! This was true till November, 2008 when we were turned down by a bank for the first time in our 20 year history.
However; things still worked out well for the client. They took the business plan to their suppliers, who like it so much they gave them 6-month terms: That's creative thinking in a tough business environment!

Making the Projection Available to Everyone:

Since that first experiment with Predictive Algorithms in the early 90s; my team has added 20 years of development and innovation. the original projection was a good product, but our current product barely resembles that first effort. We now have a product that rivals all others, no matter what the price!

We tripled our development efforts in the spring of 2008. Our goal was to create a financial analysis tool that was user-friendly enough to be used by anyone. We began selling downloadable versions of the product in September, 2009.

The Next Phase of Development:

Our projection software was taken off the market in November, 2009 after it became a target of wide-spread theft and reverse-engineering. We began raising capital to develop the product as an online service. A Saas (aka Cloud-based) software delivery architecture would improve security and make the projections even more affordable.

We used a design-build development process to upgrade our software and develop our delivery architecture. That methodology helped us create a number of important features and innovations. Our newest generation of Projection/financial analysis software is extremely affordable, useful, and user-friendly! This projection tool has been a valuable asset to our firm and our clients. We know it will help you gain credibility with the bank, create fantastic proposals, and help with internal decision-making by quantifying business options to see if they make financial sense.
We are eager to get the new software in your hands, but you'll have to be patient.
Feel free to e-mail us if you are interested in our progress, or check our Announcements page for status updates.

I wish you all success as you endeavor to create or expand your business. Go make it happen!