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"Viser developed our first business plan and helped us find the financing needed to start our company."
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Our Projections have served many companies in many industries.
Architectural Firms
Software Development
Pharmaceutical Firm
Accounting & Consulting
Programming & Development
Night Clubs
Fitness Centers
and Much More!

Projection / Financial Analysis Software

Systematic, User-Friendly, Fast, Comprehensive, & Affordable!

Our Projections will soon be available online for a low subscription fee!

The single-user license was removed for security reasons, but it will return as an online service (Saas or Cloud based format).
We want the subscription price to be as low as possible so anyone can afford to create a (budget, projection, business plan, or cash modeling analysis) that is user-friendly, predictive, and sophisticated.

Our time-tested financial projections have been developed into a very user-friendly format. This makes it very easy to use and update, which saves time and money!
Now anyone can produce statements that will create instant credibility with banks, VCs, Angel Investors, or with upper management!
You won't find a more sophisticated and user-friendly projection tool anywhere else!

Need a business plan?
Our free template will walk you thru the process of preparing a business plan for a bank. The full-narrative is for Angel Investers and Venture Capital firms. Each template includes instructions for preparing it yourself. We would also be happy to help you thru the process, or review your final draft before you submit it.

Would you like personal help with your Budget or Projection?

We'll develop a financial modeling tool for you that will streamline your budgeting, forecasting and/or cash modeling process for years in the future. We start with our time tested projection template and customize it to fit your company's needs.
When we are finished, we'll give you a sophisticated and user-friendly projection tool (a permanent single-company license):
  • It provides 24 months of projected activity - 4 years total. Balance Sheet, Income stmnt, & Direct Method Cash Flow stmnt.
  • Every projected expense is based on a predictive algorithm. Algorithms react immediately to updated variables and actual activity.
  • You can update monthly actual activity without deleting formulas. Also: Actual activity doesn't populate the projection
    till the Balance Sheet balances
    (Patent pending).
    IE: Your projection doesn't become useless while you're updating monthly numbers!
  • The sales forecasting tool uses your sales cycle, headcount, and expected (production or sales) per person.
  • The spreadsheet program is very user-friendly. There are also instructions and helpful notes throughout the projection.
  • Input cells are highlighted in Yellow. Reports are labelled with a (P).
  • As part of the process, we'll show your accounting staff how to use (and alter) the spreadsheet program.
  • This projection tool will save up to 75% in time and expense each year! You won't find a more stable, sophisticated, and user-friendly projection tool anywhere else!
    The engagement should take 1 to 2 weeks, and cost $12,000 to $20,000, depending on the complexity of your business.
    Alternatively; we can simply train your staff to use the software, and let them manage the project. This would take a few hours, and cost $7,500 plus travel expenses.

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    Still not convinced that our projection is the most
    user-friendly and sophisticated product available?
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