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"Viser developed our first business plan and helped us find the financing needed to start our company."
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Our Projections have served many companies in many industries.
Architectural Firms
Software Development
Pharmaceutical Firm
Accounting & Consulting
Programming & Development
Night Clubs
Fitness Centers
and Much More!


“We obtained a business loan without pledging our personal assets or real estate!
Viser’s Projection Software, and our work on the business plan narrative, helped make it possible.”

Joanna Hyland
President, Tri-State Uniforms

"Viser helped me prepare and finalize a business plan that allowed me to seek additional capital for my growing business. The plan was exactly what I was looking for. Tony was very knowledgeable and professional. Tony and his team prepared our business plan for us - using their software.
The spreadsheet is so simple to use that we can now alter and update the plan ourselves, as needed.
I highly recommend Viser to anyone looking for financial business consulting.

Jeff Northup, President & CEO
EyeScience Labs, LLC

"Viser Business Tools developed our first business plan and helped us find the financing needed to start our company in 2001.
A couple years ago they suggested that we change our tax entity status. We looked at the numbers and realized we would save thousands per year just by changing entities! We saved over $5,000 in the first 21 months ended December 2008!"

Tony Meacham, PS
President, Benchmark Surveying and Mapping Company

“Tony has made available at least 20 online tools to help businesses and consumers make better financial decisions. One of the first characteristics anyone should look for when choosing a professional is "how much are they willing to give?"
It's obvious from visiting his websites that Tony is one who gives!
Check out his resources. Plug some numbers in from your personal situation. You will discover (like I did) how easy it is to have info that gives you the ability to make better decisions.”

Stephen J. Evanko, Jr., Insurance Advisor, Author & Speaker,
Delaware Insurance Advisors

“Tony has worked with Robintek as an accountant and financial adviser for many years. He is reliable, honest, intelligent and a pleasure to work with.”

Gary Jorgenson, President
Robintek Industries, Inc.

"Tony was the first CPA we ever hired. His abilities and knowledge as an accountant were everything we could have asked for. Additionally he played an important role in helping transition our company from a "small" firm into a more sophisticated company.

Ben Shremshock, Director of Marketing & Operations
Shremshock Architects, Inc.

"Tony delivers high value through his products that allows him to compete with anyone out there. With over forty years' experience in financial services, I believe I speak with authority in saying Viser's products are a great bargain."

Bob Ostrander, CFP
CEO, Centerpoint Stewardship

“Tony is a professional with the highest standards. Have recommended Tony for several financial / accounting projects in the past. I enjoy working with him and would highly recommend him.”

R. John Byrnes, Financial Advisory - Principal

“Tony's knowledge and experience of small business finances was invaluable. His efforts are greatly missed.”

Vic Williamson, NCARB,
Senior Project Manager, Shremshock Architects, Inc.

“Tony has all that it takes to help any business gain the upper hand they need to lower costs, increase efficiency and save time. I don't know anyone who can do it better. Contact Tony today; you won't regret it!”

Roy Holcombe, Sales Director
Street Fighter Marketing

"I would recommend Tony for anyone out there looking for help filing your taxes. Tony is very knowledgeable in preparing personal taxes and also knows ways of saving you money.
He also does not base his fees on how much money you make, but rather only on the amount of work required to do your return. Tony is also very easy going and very likable."

Wayne Linnabary, Architectural Designer

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing excellent service, by keeping our promises, and by meeting our deadlines! Gruber and Company has been operating in Central Ohio since 1990.
We provide a full range of services locally and nationally!

We hope you find our website useful. Please contact us if we can be of any further service to your organization.

We wish you every success as you work to acheive your business goals!

"Never give up! Never give up! Never, ever give up!"
Winston Churchill